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Keeping The Faith, For All That Is True

18 January 1986
I'm a Yoosu mania, shipper, addict...etc. My mind and my heart both says that Yoosu is real...so dont try and persuade me otherwise.

I'm a TVXQ fan...definitely. I am definitely in the "Always Keep The Faith" boat. So dont even try to persuade me otherwise. In TVXQ, I'm definitely Junsu shipper...but loving Chunnie (coz he's part of Yoosu that is), and love the other 3 equally.

Eventhough my 1st love in TVXQ is Changmin, but after hearing an *A-yo--yo!* sound made by Susu after the 2nd Live Tour in Japan *believe me, I myself find my fetish is weird* I can't let go of Junsu anymore. Everything bout him just melts me.

But I'm also keen on all K-pop and J-pop as well. Loving all K-Dramas. and a beginner in yaoi anime n manga...Currently dl-ing as much as possible.

I'm definitel open in being friend with just everyone...so just add me if u feel like it.