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RL: Went KPoP Shopping!

My Greatest Treasure...

Finally, I got my own X necklace that Junsu have...Yay!!!! Out of all the Accesories that TVXQ wore, I really really like this one...
I'm gonna treasure this...Yay~~ Tanx sis eventhough finally I paid it myself...

I also bought a Yunjae 'secret' ring..hehe...but its for my sis...


All Suju 'Cheering' unit props ready!!!! Yay~~~ Just two weeks more to the concert!
Counting Down The Days!

Anyone want me to help them buying accesories and anything Kpop related? Let me know...
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SUJU~~~I'm Waiting!!!!

Gawd! When I've just thought tat I cant go to their concert, I'm down...!!!!
But yesss!!!! Finally its here!

The Journey: I have wonderful friends at Sharingyoochun.net who loves me so much eventhough they are not an Elf or even like suju that much...but since both of us are Cassie...she wholeheartedly support my decision to go....and even suggest that I borrow money from her since I have financial difficulties...at 1st I though she was kidding,, coz I've known her for what? 2-3 weeks n she's already believing me with her money....Gawd! I cried at Cassie love to one another....! Cassies who divide Jaechunsu and Homin camp should just shut up and appreciate them as TVXQ. TVXQ is the reason why I and my friend met on SYC...and I love TVXQ more for that...

Tanx my fren,~~~U know who u are...if I mention your name here, Everybody might go to syc and search for you just to borrow money from u...LOL

and lastly,, dont ask me if I love TVXQ or Suju more? Going to Suju concert doesnt make me less of a Cassie!

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Oneshot: Unspoken Words

Title: Unspoken Words

Length: Oneshot/Drabble. idk..

Author: ekin_hardy and gigglesnhiccups

Rating: g

Genre: angst, romance

Pairing: Jaejoong x Junsu, Yoochun X Junsu

Prompt: Tell me that you love me. Credits to http://www.freewebs.com/dbskgenerator/


I’ve posted this somewhere before I share this with Faith and this piece comes together. So, if you’ve read this before it was the raw version. Special tanx to her for the push, and I decided to try this prompt.

 a/n: The italics are monologues. Unspoken words between them.




   They have been at it for hours—it goes on for the tenth week—Jaejoong sheltering Junsu with the umbrella, and Junsu spacing out with a picture in his hand. Day after day, Jaejoong accompanies Junsu to that very spot of the bench to watch him stare at the same picture. Junsu is usually silent. Jaejoong is the one who tries to start a conversation but fails time and time again. It is on the eighth week that Junsu starts to respond to his awkward monologues. By the ninth week, Jaejoong sees smiles. There was less of Yoochun and more of Jaejoong. Jaejoong doesn’t say it, but he is more than delighted by the change. Junsu doesn’t say it, but he feels helpless, maybe guilty about the change.

   One day, Junsu snaps.


Jaejoong is taken aback by the cold shoulder. He tries to study Junsu’s expression, only to face his back view. Jaejoong doesn’t remember how he has angered Junsu, but he apologizes anyway.


“You weren’t here yesterday,” he mutters under his breath. 

“I did give you a call beforehand, didn’t I?” Jaejoong defends. Junsu doesn’t say a word. He is still angry at Jaejoong. He wants to tell Jaejoong how lonely he felt yesterday but he doesn’t. 

“  Look, I had important family matters to attend to. It wasn’t intentional,” he is close to waving the white flag just to see Junsu’s smile—the smile he missed yesterday. He wants to tell Junsu how much he wanted to pick the leaves that fell on Junsu’s hair, how much he wanted to hug Junsu, but he doesn’t. He knows his place. He knows Junsu too well and the last thing he wants is to go back ten weeks earlier.


When Junsu remains silent, he decides that alone time is what Junsu needs. He stands up and leaves Junsu alone. At the back of his head, he wonders who is more upset by their first fight. A soft sniff tempts Jaejoong to stay but he doesn’t. It is clear. They both are. 

What are you waiting for Su? It’s just not going to happen. 

Not five steps before Jaejoong turns right back to see the tears and at that moment his heart stops. He knows that he’ll stay there forever, until the angel himself say no.


Junsu struggles between his tears with words unspoken behind each tears.

“I know you’re waiting for my answer right Jae? You know that I can never say the words back right?” 

Seeing the angel cry was not something that he wishes for. But still Jaejoong remain rooted to the spot. Eyes unmoving, with words unspoken.


“I know you can never answer me, Su. I know when you stopped saying the words. Because the words belong to him. Only him.” 

Junsu understand that look. Understanding latched behind it.

“You knew right Jae, my heart stopped beating that day. I’m nothing but a soul trapped in this body. This body that won’t stop living. Until…..” 

The uncertainty he sensed in Junsu, chocked him.


“Su, if it was me instead of him that day will you remember me like this too? Will you sorrow in pain or will you be happy, glad that it was me instead of him that lay in your arms that day while begging you to say the words as my last wish on my last breath? 

Jaejoong winced at the pain in his heart. Only Junsu can ever bring such pain to his heart.


“…until you bring back life and love in me. Can you hear me Jae. Can you? I’m sorry Chunnie. My heart  love him even though I promised you that the words belong to you forever. I’m sorry Chunnie, but my heart betrayed you and for that I will never say the words to him….”


Tears keep flowing as Junsu’s heart torn between two.

Jaejoong try to read Junsu’s look only to remember how he fall for this guy, with guilt but not regret.

“Yoochun, I betrayed you. Since long time ago. The day you showed me the love of your life is the day I found mine. Is this why I’m punished now? Forever knowing that he’s nothing but yours?”

“I’m sorry Chunnie baby; I never meant to betray you. If only I never saw his tears.

He was not supposed to cry that day. I enjoyed the pain. I needed the pain so that I can be with you. I’m supposed to join you that day baby! If only he doesn’t cry.”  Junsu try to look away, unable to watch emotions on Jae.

 Again. The uncertainty on Junsu’s eyes trying to avoid his gaze makes him sadder at the moment.

“Do you want to exchange places with me Yoochun? I’m willing. As long as I never saw him basking in happiness of joining you. Never again!”

  Junsu’s tears keep flowing as his heart reach out to the men who is choking with sadness in front of him.

“ Chunnie, his heart is still crying…I hear it now. It never stops crying. What should I do?

 “Say the words, Su.” Jaejoong finally speaks to break the silence.

 Tell me that you love me

 “Just this once” Jaejoong himself unable to say the words. Sensing hopelessness, he turns and walk away.

 “Stay” Junsu suddenly grabs his arm. A little awkward.

 Junsu look up, gazing straight into Jaejoong’s eyes. I love you….

   A familiar ringtone break their gazes, bringing both of them back to reality.

 I’m sorry Chunnie. Junsu hold tight on his phone. Eyes on Jaejoong.

 Jaejoong joins Junsu’s grip. I’m sorry Yoochun….